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Hello, I’m pleased to welcome you to my home—the tiny fiefdom of Chasing book sales land.

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Today I received yet another ether-delivered communique by an expert on the subject of Amazon author pages asking if I’d got all of mine up and running.

Because if I haven’t, I was informed, I was missing out on foreign country sales.

Because foreign Amazon sites are on the up and up and I’d be a fool not to get in on the action.

I have to point out I’m not a complete slouch. I completed my author page information for the US and UK sites quite a while ago. But the foreign sites? I’ve thought about it, I’ve even logged in and had a poke around, but filling in all the information? It’s all looked a bit hard so I logged out again.

But this particular communique got me motivated. So here I am, after several hours of sweating over it, feeling smug because I managed to complete them all, even the Japan page.

And let me tell you, even with Google Translate that one was tricky.

Not the ‘Add your bio, feeds, photos and trailers’ page. That one is set up exactly the same on all the sites. No, it was the ‘Add your books’ that had me flicking back and forth between the site and Google Translate until my head was spinning.

But it’s done now.

And here’s the proof I did them.  US   |   UK   |   France   |   Germany   |   Japan