25 tips front Alana Woods Author What’s the secret to a compelling hook?
How do you write characters that live and breathe?
When do you show and when do you tell?
Where does story development take you?
Why do your descriptions fall flat?
Who is telling the story? First, second, third or multiple person points of view.
All that and more in 25 essential writing tips.

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The story behind the guide
As my books began to sell and I became known as an author I was asked by aspiring authors to take a look at their work. Common deficiencies quickly emerged and after a while, when the critiquing was taking up more and more of my time, I conceived the idea of writing a guide that tackled how to overcome these weaknesses.
A short but sweet review
“Sound advice coming from a talented author capable of ranging from mysteries to enticing short stories. I would recommend it to anyone aspiring to become a writer. The tips here are indeed essential to ensure good, professional fiction writing.”

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