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The story behind the story
One of my first jobs was as a publications typist at the Weapons Research Establishment in Salisbury, South Australia. Although I wasn’t privy to anything secret my writer’s imagination was often in overdrive creating stories about what could be happening behind closed doors. It was the impetus and starting point for A complicated affair.
Location photos for A complicated affair
Read my Travel Tales post about my trip to Sydney to take the photos:  I was there, Harrison Ford was there–so how did I miss him!

You can view these photos individually with captions on the Photo Albums page.

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A review written in a nail salon; how much better does it get!
I was in the nail salon when I started reading this book. I read the first page and I thought, “What the?…” It was so well written I had to see how the author was going to tie it all together.
For me, a good book makes me say, “Oh, so that’s what that meant. Mmm, that’s what was going on earlier.” In other words, it’s tight. Ms Woods did that for me and so much more! This is one of the best books I’ve read in this genre in a while! When I started it, I was so captivated I didn’t want to put it down until I finished it!
M. Woods has the rare gift of painting vivid, action-packed pictures with her words. I was there with the characters: smelling the ocean, feeling the sun, hearing the waves…
I loved this book, and hope to read more by this author.

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