Who do I think would be the right actors to star as my A legal affair characters if the book were made into a movie?
Do you agree that my choices are spot on? Again, they’re all Australian actors because their characters are all Australian.

Melissa GeorgeMelissa George has that classy, fragile but inner strength look I want for Elisabeth Sharman.
Photo from IMDb.com.
Read an interview with Elisabeth.
Heath Ledger--wallpapersdesk.netHeath Ledger, if he were still alive, would be perfect for Robert Murphy with his good looks, charismatic smile and wonderful voice. Unfortunately I can only wish.
Photo from wallpapersdesk.net.
Essie DavisEssie Davis, channeling Phryne Fisher, has always been my ideal for Elisabeth’s best friend, Honey Milton.
Photo from IMDb.com.
Brenton Thwaites--waldenfans.comBrenton Thwaites has just that look of slim vulnerability that suits Russell Montgomery.
Photo from waldenfans.com.
Joel EggertonJoel Edgerton is actually too gorgeous to be Thierry Richards, but he’s a wonderful actor and can play any role.
Photo from IMDb.com.
Grant BowlerGrant Bowler would make a great Joe Gaudry, the private detective who is both a friend to Robert Murphy and a valuable partner professionally.
Photo IMDb.com

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