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The story behind the story
In the 1980s I was working in court reporting, spending many of my days in the ACT Supreme Court recording trials. One of the things that made a real impact on me was the effect on the families of the people on trial. Not the families of career criminals, they knew exactly what was happening. It was the bewilderment and fear on the faces of families new to the system. This was the germ of the idea that created A legal affair.

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 One of my favourite reviews for A legal affair came by way of an email to me. It’s a little story in itself and I love it. Tell me what you think.

I strolled into my daughter’s room the other day to get something to casually read during my break times at work (I am a rather busy chef).
I saw your book on her desk and picked it up … asking if it would be ok to read and she smiled and said … you might enjoy that one.  🙂
You have put in a really nice inscription to her … Chloe-Rose … I don’t expect you to remember since you must have done thousands of these.
 Anyway … a book usually lasts me a couple of weeks as I stroll thru it, taking my time … more enjoying the break than the book … that was … until the first page of your book.
 My god woman … your characters are so real and the story had my attention from page one.  I would work as hard as possible as quickly as possible to steal more time to take the book out the back, into small rooms, sitting on milk crates … and tonite …  well … I finished it … ohh wow … it was fanbloodytastic.
 Good lord … the whole story had me … and I was so glad to see your email address so I could personally (well, in an email that is) thank you for a great read.
 Take care and best of wishes.  🙂

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