Today I went for a walk around The Fiefdom.
I hadn’t done so for a while so thought I’d better check that all is well. The Consort accompanied me.
Wait on, I hear you say, Consort? You haven’t mentioned him before, Your Fiefdomness.


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No, well, that’s because he doesn’t visit often. To give you an amazingly brief history of Chasing book sales land, it came into being 40 years ago and for most of those years The Consort did co-habit. But recently he moved to Why not give it away land, another petty fiefdom that shares a border with mine.

So far The Consort has been pretty benign with his change of stance. There’s no looming war or hostile takeover on the horizon. Long may that last.

Anyway, getting back to our perambulation. It had been raining all day and we took the chance for the walk when it eased. The smell of eucalypt hung heavy in the air. Very pleasant indeed. Conducive to discussion of fiefdom business.

The Consort

Official court likeness of The Consort

Yes, there is a wine glass in one hand and camera in the other. Apart from his official role of providing gravitas to My Fiefdomness, his primary purpose is to assess and chose wines for the palace cellars and photograph official happenings.

He does a sterling job of both.

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