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Is there any instance of when you SHOULD leave a comment?

Is there any instance of when you SHOULD leave a comment on a blog post?

I can think of one—which is the subject of my post today.

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Leaving comments is an ongoing source of discussion. I’ve seen two posts by other bloggers in just the last week.

I’m not going to enter into the general debate about leaving them versus not leaving them.

I have a very definite situation in mind.

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It’s when we guest post on another’s blog site. What’s the etiquette of responding once the post is published?

If you’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on another blog, been interviewed or had your book/s featured, do you say a public thank you in the comments box at the bottom of the post?

The blog host probably spent quite a bit of time preparing the post. My thinking is they should be publicly thanked for their efforts. It’s the polite thing to do, isn’t it?

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I was first presented with this several years ago when I was new to blogging. One of my first guest appearances was on UK author Morgen Bailey’s blog. Now there’s an incredibly busy blogger who knows what she’s about.

In the information she provided me with was the request that after the event I visit the blog and leave a comment. I did, and it’s a lesson that has stayed with me.

In subsequent guest appearances I’ve both commented on the blog site and privately thanked the host via email.

In my own blog posts featuring guests I haven’t followed Morgen’s lead by asking the guest to leave a comment but I’ve decided to do so in future.

The reason being that I rarely receive that public thank you on the post itself. I often receive an email. Sometimes I receive a comment on e.g. Facebook. And in both instances I appreciate the courtesy and thoughtfulness.

However, in more than a few instances I’ve not received any follow-up thank you or comment.

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What are your thoughts on this?