Alana Woods’ book reviews: VIOLATED by Carolyn Arnold

Carolyn Arnold can certainly tell a cracker of a story.
She’s a 5 star storyteller.

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What a terrific read this was. In the space of an afternoon I read the whole story, not wanting to put the book down until I knew the outcome.

Violated follows 31-year-old FBI agent Brandon Fisher who works in its Behavioral Analysis Unit. He’s just out of his probationary period and become a fully-fledged agent. His position in the unit and the present investigation into a murder is complicated by a past romance with a co-worker who is implicated in the crime. It rapidly develops into hunting for a serial killer with serious sexual and mental problems.

It’s the fifth in Arnold’s Brandon Fisher FBI series.

Given it’s the first one in the series I’ve read I was pleased to find it was a stand-alone story with just enough references to previous books for me to understand the back story and relationships.

I was intrigued by Arnold’s use of first person point of view for Brandon Fisher and the criminal the unit was tracking down, and third person for all other characters. I liked it. I felt I was in their minds, feeling and thinking everything they were.

The pace was fast, the characters well developed and real, and the dialogue no-nonsense and entertaining while also revealing depth of character.

Scene-setting is minimal; some authors can paint a picture with a few words and Arnold is one of them.

Anyone wanting more than a surface skimming of people’s intentions and motives should like these stories. Arnold obviously does a lot of research before putting metaphorical pen to paper, and it shows.

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