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  • ""Imbroglio" by Alana Woods is an intricate, captivating and engaging thriller right from the first page ... this book is for you if you enjoy a well-written story that is nonlin..."
    Thomas Baker
    5 stars
  • "Imbroglio by Alana Woods --- I was so captivated I didn't want to put it down until I finished it! --- I was in the nail salon when I started reading this book. I read the f..."
    5 stars from me
  • "Automaton by Alana Woods --- It's difficult to decide where to begin with 'Automaton'. This is an exemplary novel by a master of the craft. Set in Australia, it is so deep, so w..."
    John L Work
    5 stars

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What drives a person to extreme actions? Actions that others, if they knew, would have difficulty understanding.
What's in Noel Valentine's past that impels her to save a stranger's life knowing that it could endanger hers?
In hot tropical Australia Noel pulls one man from a burning car but is unable to save his passenger.
When the stranger she saved shows up back in her home town of Sydney and asks for a place to stay, why does Noel agree? Especially given he could have been an assassin hired to kill his passenger. Especially given that she's pitching to win as a client the medical technology company that seems to be central to whatever is going on. A company that both assassin and victim had connections with. A company with questionable markets and equally questionable front men.

Imbroglio is an understatement for the mess Noel very quickly finds herself in.


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Definition: self-acting machine, esp. simulating a human being. Legal terminology for an accused who can't remember the crime.

My best-selling debut novel won the Australian Fast Books Prize in 2003 and was nominated for the Davitt Awards in 2004.

Set in Canberra, Australia's national capital, Automaton is a story of murder and secrets; of a boy almost bashed to death before being arrested for a murder he can't remember committing during a botched robbery; of the victim's family, pathological in its attempts to keep its skeletons in the cupboard; and of defence counsel, going too far in striving for a not guilty verdict.

Elisabeth Sharman takes on the most difficult case of her career when asked to defend Russell Montgomery, a 19 year old arrested for a murder he says he can't remember committing. It's a case made even more puzzling when she learns that Russell is the only person involved who doesn't have a history of violence. Can she prove his innocence? Or is he in fact the most cunning person in the drama?

  Tapestries and other short stories                     

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An eclectic collection of published, hitherto unpublished and award-winning short stories.





  Family medical history                                        

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Have you ever wished you had one document in which you could keep a record of your family's entire medical history?
With this journal you can, thereby building a year after year record.
No more wracking your memory and taking a guess when the doctor asks when something happened or was done.
No more misplacing all those separate bits of information.
Note down all of your doctors, optometrists, dentists and other providers names and addresses and when and why you saw them.
Keep a record of immunisations, travel shots, blood tests, hospital procedures; in fact, keep a record of anything and everything medical that happens to your family.

You'll wonder how you managed without it.