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  The joys of a writer on the road                                         

Being an author isn't all fun and games!
You have to put in the time getting words on paper (or screen) whether you feel in the mood or not, whether you're inspired or not.
have to endure what seems like the never-ending knockbacks from literary agents and publishers.
You have to endure the frustration of them telling you that you have what it takes and to keep on trying.
The knockbacks can feel like out-and-out rejection. They can leave you feeling humiliated as well as dejected.
I've more than once gone outside to give the figurative cat a kick in an effort to
dispel the doom and gloom I'm feeling.
But then there are the good times.

After being told by Pan MacMillan that I had what it takes, that I had a wonderful writing style and that I could be Australia's answer to John Grisham--after which they rejected Automaton--and after a literary agent told me he didn't know how to advise me because he thought the book was very publishable--John and I did it ourselves. And back in 2001 it wasn't easy. Back then you needed print copies and you then needed to sell them door to door.
The first print run of 1000 we sold to bookshops.  Cold calling from as far north as Noosa, all the way down the eastern seaboard, and around to Adelaide.
The second print run of 2000 we decided to sell ourselves, cutting out the middlemen.  We shared stands at the Sydney and Melbourne royal shows and the Brisbane Ekka with other like-minded authors, calling ourselves Aussie Authors & Books.  For a year we had a stall at the Eumundi markets on the Sunshine Coast.  On our travels we booked one-off stalls at local markets, and we (me spruiking with John on the desk to sell to the eager masses) gave author talks to local groups such as Probus.
A highlight was the 2005 Byron Bay Writers Festival where I was invited to take part in two forums. Self publishing as a first option was with two of my author mates Roz Baker and Ian Small, chaired by Irina Dunn from the NSW Writers Centre. The Genuinely thrilling forum was with Matthew Reilly, Leigh Redhead and Simon Higgins, chaired by Sandy McCutcheon of ABC fame.
And then there were the interviews, mostly local ABC radio stations that I had contacted on my travels, with the odd one getting back to me and inviting me on the show.

The photos show from top to bottom:
--On our way to give a talk at the National Library in Canberra.
--Being interviewed by Andrew Lofthouse and Jenny Woodward, Sunshine Coast radio, at the Brisbane Ekka
--Aussie Authors & Books at the Sydney Royal Show
--Roz Baker and me at the Buladelah Country Music Festival
--Our stall at the Eumundi markets
--Byron Bay Writers Festival--Genuinely thrilling forum
--Giving a talk to the Buderim Probus Club on the Sunshine Coast.

And so it continues. But it's mostly online these days and you don't need photos to know what that's like.