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Alana Woods' book reviews: SHANNON'S LAW & COP'S KITCHEN by Emma Calin

Posted by Alana Woods on April 19, 2014 at 6:10 PM

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SHANNON'S LAW by Emma Calin

In the premise at least this reminded me of The prince and the showgirl, except it’s the earl and the policewoman. And what a policewoman—every bit as feisty as Marilyn Monroe’s showgirl.

PCW Shannon Aguerri is shunted out of her London jurisdiction and into a country PC Plod situation after acting independently on a case. Immediately she arrives she meets the local lord and, boy, is he a hunk. However, he has a history. His wife died some years before in a skiing accident and his 15 year old son has a police record for possession. Sparks fly between the earl and Shannon almost from day one. But she’s a working class girl with a mechanic father and cleaner mother. How on earth is she going to get on in the earl’s world?

There’s some very steamy sex scenes and that’s usually a turn-off for me. Those I’ve read before usually have a weak storyline that seems to be an excuse for all the sex and it pulls me out of what little story there is. I’m happy to report that isn’t the case with this book. The story is so strong that I could read the sex and then get back to what was happening. Which is a lot. Murder, money laundering, slavery, trafficking, drugs, kidnapping—you name it, Shannon has to deal with it. She also has to contend with Elvis and the Royal Family.

The dialogue during the sex scenes was a bit over the top for me, but other than that, thes tory, the descriptions, the characters—I liked them all.

The strong story held me.

COP'S KITCHEN by Emma Calin

Man! Emma, Emma, what a treat. Not only the story of SHANNON’S LAW but an accompanying recipe book with the food your characters enjoyed as well! How spoiled we are.The bonus Cauliflower crisp is a real bonus—I love cauliflower! But so many others as well that I’m just going to have make: the kedgeree, the desserts, cakes and little sweet things, and Sausage toad—gotta try that. And those triple cooked chips! Yum. And those blinis and the Pimms—I absolutely love Pimms.

Fabulous idea, well done!


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Reply Cynthia
12:19 AM on April 20, 2014 
Really enjoyed the book review and interview with Emma. Made me quite interested in reading Shannon's Law. The home made sound booth is certainly food for thought; no pun intended. :)