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Posted by Alana Woods on July 21, 2014 at 8:45 PM

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Are you an author or artist who has their product for sale on multiple sites that can be accessed on a variety of devices?

Have you dreamed of the day when one link would take a buyer to the right store for the device they’re using?

Dream no more, that day is here.

GeoRiot has delivered just such links. They’re called Genius links.

I’m not going to attempt to recreate or paraphrase the information GeoRiot provides except to give you the first paragraph of their media release. After that click on the GeoRiot links below to go to their site for all the information.


Genius Links eliminate the need to create multiple links for a single product that's available across different ecosystems. Scenarios can now be created within a single link, to route each click individually based off of the user’s location, device, operating system, and even date. This eliminates the hurdles of promoting to your ever-growing audience as more storefronts and devices come online.

Check out GeoRiot’s Step by Step Guide or visit our blog to learn more about Genius Links.

 GeoRiot website link.

Take this link to all my GeoRiot articles.


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