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iPad email shortcomings

Posted by Alana Woods on July 18, 2012 at 5:40 PM

A friend has an iPad and I was envious. Yes, I'm admitting to the green-eyed monster.

So when a two-month overseas visit to my daughter in the UK presented itself it occurred to me that it was the ideal opportunity to buy one. I got the latest and greatest, no point going for something less than the best. If I hadn't bought it I would have had to take my trusty old laptop. I love my laptop but it's big, and it's heavy. So not taking it saved me several kg in luggage. The iPad, along with the Kindle -- which my husband said was now redundant, but that's another story -- went into my carry on bag. Love them both. I managed to read and review a book on the trip over.

But let me get to the point of this blog.

My email host is the Australian Telstra's Bigpond. Once in the UK I found I could receive emails but couldn't send them. Every attempt resulted in either of two messages saying the recipient's or my email address was rejected by the server.

Now, I get a lot of emails a day and one or two need replies, so I was anxious, to put it mildly. Being not far from the Brighton Apple store I made an appointment with their Genius Bar to get the problem sorted. At least, I thought they'd sort it. Uh-uhh. The young genius didn't even take a look. Just said he knew nothing about Bigpond.

In the end my daughter solved it for me. Did a Google search and said 'I think you need to delete your account and then set it up again.' So that's what we did. With gritted teeth when it came to hitting the big red 'Delete this account' button. But it worked and it took all of a minute. I know who I'm calling a genius now; certainly not the chap at Apple's Genius Bar.

So in case you encounter the same problem, deleting my account and setting it up again, with exactly the same information, worked for me.

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